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TV Repair course,cell phone laptop motherboard level repair course training school
only 2 Students per class only, each must be on the same level to get the most benefit.
  • Cell Phone Repair course: The price is $1500 for the onsite, or $999 for the online access.
  • PC & Laptop Repair Course: The price is $2000  , onsite only
  • Xbox and Game consoles Repair course: $1000 now running as a special for the onsite cell phone repair training.
  • Cell Phone Soldering Techniques: must pass our 10 questions test, $799 , onsite only for 2 days in our Tampa location.

    Combine 2 courses and get 15% discount , please visit our retail site for more course: http://www.gadgetsrepair.co/cell-phone-repair-franchise.html


Do you Live in Florida, or somewhere else and you think that you can not learn everything in 5 days? No worry, we have now a la carte training menu.

Get 2 or 3 days of training, go back home, train yourself for the techniques you learned till you master them, you will have the option of logging online and reviewing videos & Tutorials, then come back for another 2 days for higher level training. All for the same price of $1500. Our rule is : elevated Training, we do not think you can create Michael Jordan in one week.

Please check our specials Page, it is in our plans to make other courses for the consumer electronics Repair centers, PC & Laptop repair, Game consoles repair, Hard Drive Data Recovery course, LCD and Plasma TV Repairs, and many more.

Why we recommend the online training over the 5 days onsite Cell Phone Repair training?

Some industry companies offer almost the same course onsite if not Even less contents, but before you take a decision to travel thousands Of miles, think of all those factors:

  • The most important factor is the elevation during the learning process, we have been in business for over 13 years and it takes at least 2 months of extensive training to create a good technician, you will never learn everything in 5 days, you have to start with the basics and (1 week), then intermediate (3-4 weeks), and then advanced (4-8 weeks).
  • With airline and Hotel expenses, the course cost will exceed $3000.
  • A risk of leaving your business for a whole week.
  • Even if you send one of your employees, you still have to pay his salary, which adds up to your course.
  • With the money that you will save from the price difference between staying home and travelling, you can afford to pay all equipment for $800 and start practicing at your own pace and time.
  • Support: we offer online support, no one of those companies offer any support.